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I am the owner of a Monterey home and live in Vancouver. We are so delighted with our place and come down as much as we can. We bought in 2010, my wife’s parents also own in Monterey. Recently we grabbed the opportunity to come down to our place in August of this year, only to find that the Air Conditioning was not working and the temperature outside was 114 degrees Fahrenheit. We had driven in from LA and didn’t get home until after 9:00pm. We called several air conditioning companies out of the phone book and spoke to the security persons at the front gate and they were extremely helpful. They referred me to Rick & Heather Mendez of Mendez Air Conditioning. The security guys helped us call and Rick was very helpful and drew our attention to the Breaker which was blown. He instructed us to turn the breaker on and as it turned out the breaker was fine but the AC unit on the roof was kaput. He said that these rooftop unit’s age was at the (high) end of it normal life. Rick came out at a moment’s notice and investigated the AC unit and found it to need a new motor. It being a holiday, I was very impressed with his caring attitude and his quick response. He said the unit had performed well, but replacing only the motor was asking for future problems. Needless to say, we spent our few days in the baking hot. And had several companies quote us a new system. Rick and Heather gave us a great deal and the system that they suggested was superior to that which was existing. They plainly explained all the different system features and taught me what each of the important issues were. They spent the time and I felt that they allowed me to make an informed decision about a topic which I previously had no knowledge. It allowed me to speak with knowledge to the other companies giving quotes. I felt that they went above and beyond, and I, generally speaking, don’t always take the lowest quote, but rather look for, the best value, which includes the attitude of the people involved. Happily the quote that Rick & Heather provided was the lowest quote and that left the decision a snap. We had to go back to Canada before the system’s installation and Rick and Heather handled the entire process and arranged to get keys from me, and had a crane move in the new system and removed the old one, and tested the final system. I am extremely happy with Mendez Air Conditioning. Their care, attention, professionalism and the execution was beyond satisfaction. They “set the bar”, and “cleared it”. I would be happy to recommend them to anyone, and might add that replacing the system before it creates the week of living in a sauna, would be well worth it.

Cheers, Mark

– Mark B.

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